Because of school commitments, the development of all applications will be slowed down. Below is a table on the release timing of the new versions of all my apps:

Spooky Catch Android

  • New levels
  • Bug fix

School Life Diary Android

Because of technical problems also, updates will start from late September / early October. The votes section will still be developed within this time, It not is linked directly to the app.

3.0 b8End of September – Early October 2017*The times do not depend on me but on app development platform (Makeroid). The new version of the platform has been released. The new release of’ app will be ready soon.DELETED
3.0 B9 / 3.0 RC1 (Release Candidate 1)October – December 2017*You will be inserted a new selection system for editing and deleting notes and materials, to provide a faster and lighter experience.DELETED
3.0 B10 / 3.0 RC2 (Release Candidate 2)December 2017 – January 2017*DELETED
3.0 (final release)February 2017*DELETED 2017 – January 2017*It will include all the latest updates of previous deleted, plus the following:

  • New database SQLite (An update will be provided prior to final release with the elimination of the current database)
  • Data Synchronization with Windows application

*The times may be subject to changes (advances or delays)

School Life Diary PC


0.3End of September 2017* ReleasedReleased on 18/10/2017COMPLETED
0.4January – February 2018*
  • New database SQLite (with support program in the data migration).
  • Data synchronization with Android app (likely, but not confirmed)
  • UI Improvements
  • Corrections and general improvements



*Times are approximate and may be subject to change

School Life Diary Web

Do not you still have a precise timing for this web SLD version. It will also be translated into English and all user languages, as the PC version

School Life Diary iOs (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

The development will start from June 2018, if not before.

Falling Food

No updates are planned for this app for 2017.

I want to remember that those who are or will be involved in the development or the translation School of Life Diary PC version or the web (Coming soon) they can do so GitHub. (View scheda School Life Diary).